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Smile (Short Film) Irish playwright, filmmaker and author Colin Broderick approached us about appearing in a short movie about his life in NYC---and how, specifically, using drugs and alcohol had affected his smile and self-esteem. We loved it that we could help him and loved the idea of his film and were delighted at the way it turned out. We’re also pleased to report that the film is now being submitted to film festivals, and to be able to share it with you
NYC Smile Design: New York City Dentist- Kissing Causes Cavities

Top cosmetic dentist in New York, Dr. Ramin Tabib, appears on News 12 in Westchester to explain how kissing can lead to cavities. At his office, NYC Smile Design, Dr. Tabib and Dr. Mello offer dental restorations, porcelain crowns, tooth colored fillings, and porcelain veneers

New York Living Health and Fitness Report. New York Living Health and Fitness Report: X-rays at the dentist have always had some risk because of the radiation, but new digital technology addresses this concern. Interview with Manhattan dentist Dr. Ramin Tabib.
Tom Cruise and Invisalign

Tom Cruise uses Invisalign to straighten his teeth. Cosmetic dentist Ramin Tabib, DDS and Elisa Mello, DDS perform cosmetic dentistry in New York. Their New York office, NYC Smile Design, offers Invisalign, clear braces, smile makeovers, laser teeth whitening, and dental implants in Manhattan.

NYC Smile Design Keeps Your Breath Smelling Fresh

Do you know someone with foul smelling breath? Manhattan Dentist, Dr. Elisa Mello provides a few simple tips to keep your breath smelling fresh.

Cosmetic Dentist New York City: Bad Habits and Oral Health

Dr. Tabib, Manhattan Cosmetic Dentist, discusses bad habits that cause a variety of dental problems. Watch as Dr. Tabib talks about why these habits are so harmful to your oral health and provides his recommendations.