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Wearing White After Labor Day Is In Fashion: White shoes after Labor Day? Never. But like that sexy white classic sports car or precious heirloom strand of pearls, some white hot fashion accessories never go out of season. These days you can add a beautiful smile to that evergreen list of whites. But if you struggle to keep up with a teeth whitening regimen, porcelain veneers, the new trend in cosmetic dentistry will have you beaming in no time flat.

Showing Teeth: Modern Cosmetic Dentistry Offers Gruesome Grinners a Perfect Smile - Most people can relate to having imperfect teeth. They hide their not-so-pearly whites behind a lips only grin or a maybe don't even smile at all. Now thanks to advances in cosmetic dentistry there's no reason to hide.

Consumers Digest reports on "Major Advances in Dentistry." Computer-aided design, digital X-rays, fine-tuned implant technology, electrical nerve stimulation and a water based laser that removes tooth decay are all emerging as the new tools of dentistry, making visits to the dentist quicker, more productive and even less painful.

Discover Your Perfect Smile - Top New York City cosmetic dentists Elisa Mello and Ramin Tabib give tips on how to love your "messed-up teeth."

Patients smile at getting long in the tooth - Dentists are using a procedure called a gum lift to lengthen teeth and beautify gummy or horsey grins.

Minty Fresh Breath - Maintaining Valentine's Day-worthy breath may be a science, but it ain't the rocket kind. Manhattan cosmetic dentist Elisa Mello of NYC Smile Design offers her professional advice for keeping those kisses fresh.

How did these stars get brand new smiles? Top cosmetic dentist, Elisa Mello of NYC Smile Design reveals the celebs' secrets.

Lumineers or Traditional Porcelain Veneers? Dr. Ramin Tabib gives his professional opinion in this guide to help you decide if Lumineers are the best way for you to achieve whiter, straighter teeth.

Got a gummy smile and want a smile that looks great in on your wedding day? Elisa Mello, top New York City cosmetic dentist, can give you a gum lift to fix your grin.

Have a smile only a mother could love? Zap your way to more vivid veneers with professional whitening...Dr. Elisa Mello explains how teeth whitening can help improve the look of your smile.