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Stephanie Yan - Office ManagerStephanie is our office manager. Her welcoming smile has made her a favorite among patients. As an experienced dental assistant for the last eight years, Stephanie is highly skilled in assisting with whitening, taking impressions, and fabricating patients’ appliances. She is responsible for learning and implementing our latest technologies, such as our digital radiography and K7 TMD analysis equipment. She is in charge of making sure patients are properly prepped for treatment; and ensuring that the patient’s experience in the operatory is a smooth and comfortable one. She is also responsible for ensuring that our office adheres to the strictest infection-control procedures when preparing for our patients.

Stephanie genuinely enjoys working with patients, and her highlight is seeing them smile, or being able to make them laugh, often helping them forget they are sitting in a dental chair. Patients appreciate her gentle hands and customized treatment, tailored to meet each individual’s needs

Stephanie has an enthusiasm for learning new things. She loves the ocean and likes to study marine life whenever she gets the chance. She strongly believes in reciprocity: that we should always do unto others as we would like them to do unto us. This is a principle that she lives by.


Lynda Matos - Dental AssistantLynda, our dental assistant, brings life to the practice. A true testament to the excellent work done in our office, she was Dr. Tabib’s patient before deciding she liked the team so much that she wanted to stay on and work with them.

After being with us a few years, the office was saddened to let Lynda go when she announced she would be moving out-of-state. Eight years later we were so pleased to learn that Lynda would be returning to NYC, and were thrilled to welcome her back.

To say the least, we all love Lynda and her positive energy -- contagious! Her bubbly personality makes every patient we treat feel welcomed and loved; they just can't help but smile in her company. She is a skilled organizer, insistent upon seeing that everything in our office be neat and in place -- we are all better organized because of her. She rejoices in educating patients about their oral health, and nine years later still brags about how life-changing her own smile makeover was for her. 

Lynda’s ability to work well with different people makes our patients from many walks of life appreciates her friendliness and meticulousness. Lynda is an adventurer and an avid reader. She loves to travel, and in her spare time would like to visit as many places as possible.


Ellie - Dental assistantEllie was born in The Bronx, where she lived most of her life. She graduated as an Certified Dental assistant in 2013 from the New York school for medical and dental assistants. She has been with Dr. Tabib and Dr.Mello since she graduated. Working with both dentists is fulfilling, especially when she get to see the fabulous smiles they create! It’s great to see patients grow and change, right in front of her eyes.

Ellie’s days are filled with fun and laughs and in her free time, she loves to explore the city, eat a wide variety of food and spend time with her family.