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Now only in his early forties, Dr. Hidalgo has already accomplished more than most people can begin to achieve in a lifetime. He’s considered a leading researcher in the field of targeted therapies for the treatment of cancer in patients with solid tumors. He’s published over 140 papers in prestigious cancer journals, and contributed many chapters to essential advanced textbooks. His honors include an AACR Young Investigator Award, an NCI-EORTC Fellowship, and an ASCO Career Development Award. A member of the editorial board of the Journal of Clinical Oncology and Clinical Cancer Research, Dr. Hidalgo is also a senior editor for Molecular Cancer Therapeutics. To balance out his professional accomplishments, Dr. Hidalgo is a married man with five children, as well. With so many responsibilities, and such advanced medical training and experience, you would think Dr, Hidalgo would have taken good care of his teeth. But, as is so often the case with high achievers whose busy lives take all their time, the doctor had put his profession and his family first, and had had only enough occasional dental procedures to get by. The penalty: his teeth had begun to seriously deteriorate. By the time we consulted with

Dr. Hidalgo, his bite had started to collapse as a result of tooth-loss and grinding, and he was in need of dental implants to replace his missing teeth. In addition, with the bite collapse, the muscles that control his jaw movement had to work even harder to permit him to chew, and his jaw had drifted away from an optimal physiological position to one that was both painful and destructive to his joints and teeth. Using electronic diagnostic measurements, we were able to determine precisely where to place spatially his anticipated complete reconstruction. Because of Dr. Hidalgo’s exceptionally heavy responsibilities and commitments, we had to complete our treatment efficiently and in a most timely fashion. With careful planning, we were able to accomplish his full reconstruction in about three visits spaced over a six-week period.  And, during this time, our implant specialist, Dr. David Weinstein, was also able to place dental implants that will ultimately anchor permanent porcelain crowns. Until then, Dr. Hidalgo has been fitted with custom temporary crowns over the implants, to be replaced in the near future. The entire complex procedure was a team effort that left Dr. Hidalgo so enthusiastic about the temporary restorations that he could only say, “Wow, how much better are the finals going to look? “

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