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Even the smallest traumas are intensified by adolescence, and their effects remain with you for life. Judy’s trauma was huge to begin with: she had been kicked in the mouth by a horse when she was 12. Although, fortunately, she survived, the accident knocked out four of her front teeth, along with the bone that contained them. Judy had dental implants to repair the damage when she was 18, and, later, porcelain crowns placed to restore her implants.These were only some of the many repairs and prosthetic replacements she had over time in attempts to find a solution to the problem. When Judy visited us for a consult she explained to us clearly what she was looking for and what she hoped the final outcome would look like.  But, before we could begin to restore her smile on the upper arch, we had to initially improve the way her upper and lower teeth met. Judy’s lower teeth were flared out and forward, and were impacting her implants at a wrong angle with every bite.  We began with Invisalign, to improve her bite position by realigning her teeth correctly.  This gave us enough space for new upper restorations to create a beautiful smile.  For the upper arch, a combination of five porcelain veneers and four implant crowns were planned.  After years of dental problems, Judy was so thrilled with the final outcome that she was finally able to put the trauma of her teen years behind her. “This was a great decision,” she told us, “and I am really very happy with the look and the comfort of my new smile.”

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At NYC Smile Design, experienced New York City cosmetic dentists Dr. Elisa Mello and Dr. Ramin Tabib collaborate to provide you with comprehensive dental care and outstanding cosmetic dentistry results. Together they founded NYC Smile Design in 1994 and have been dedicated to providing life-changing dentistry ever since.
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