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Half-Indian, half-English, Indrani was born in Calcutta, and raised in India, England and Canada. At the age of 14, she began traveling the world as a fashion model, working with the world’s greatest photographers. But the precocious model knew she wanted to give back: she used her modeling earnings to found, with her father, a charitable school in the family’s ancestral home in Ranaghat, India. Indrani received a scholarship to Princeton University, at the same time as her photography career with Markus Klinko began to take off. The two have done album-cover photoshoots for David Bowie and Beyonc窠and taken prize-winning photographs of many celebrities, including  Kate Winslett, and Will Smith.When the Bravo Channel approached them to create a new docu-series, Double Exposure, Indrani had no time to spare, and knew the long-postponed smile makeover she’d always desired could not wait any longer. With filming for the TV series about to begin, Indrani made us aware of her deadlines when she came in for a consultation. Scheduling her treatment plan was complicated further because Indrani had multiple issues that needed to be addressed: both her upper and lower jaws were collapsed and, as a result, her back molar teeth were not visible–giving the illusion that she was missing teeth. In addition, her upper gumline was severely misaligned, making her teeth appear short on one side and long on the other. Finally Indranai had a reversed bite on one side of her mouth, causing her lower molars to overlap the upper molars–the reverse of the correct tooth alignment required for proper chewing. So our complex plan for Indrani began with correcting her gum position with a laser gum lift.  Then we completely rebuilt all of her upper teeth and her lower back teeth with porcelain veneers and overlays, creating a properly physiologically balanced jaw position. The results were as stunning and as beautiful as her luminous personality, and we were able to complete everything within her tight deadline.

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