If You Have Cavities, Don’t Kiss Your Children

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Dental decay is a communicable disease so you have to be careful who you are kissing.  In a recent study that was published in the Journal of Dental Research it was shown that mothers that have numerous dental cavities can increase the likelihood that their children will develop dental cavities as well.  It is important not to kiss your children on the mouth to prevent transmission of the bacteria that cause tooth decay. 

If you are concerned and have a lot of cavities and fillings in your mouth but want to do everything possible to prevent cavities in your kid’s mouths here are important tips to follow:

1)    Do not kiss your child if there will be saliva transfer

2)    Don’t let your kids put their hands in your mouth or nanny’s

3)    Do not share utensils

4)    Do not have your kids drink out of your cup

How readily dental decay is transmissible is dependent on a few factors.  How infected is the parent or caregiver. How often they come in contact with the child.  More importantly what is the diet of the child? If poor then there is a high probability of disease transmission.  If your child’s immunity is not very good then there is high likelihood of disease transmission