Teeth as White as Snow?

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Want your teeth to be as bright and brilliant as the fleece on Mary’s little lamb? We can help with that. At NYC Smile Design, we are pleased to offer a broad selection of cosmetic services that can treat external and deeper internal tooth stains. The best way to learn which of these will be optimal for your goals is through a private consultation at our comfortable Manhattan office. Call us to schedule a consultation when you’re ready to learn more.

Cosmetic Tooth Whitening

One of the most popular cosmetic services is topical teeth whitening – and Dr. Mello and Dr. Tabib offer the safest, most effective, and most comfortable treatments available. For in-office whitening, we use Zoom!, a laser teeth whitening treatment that can lighten teeth up to ten shades in just one hour. Zoom! can even remove some deep stains, helping to address yellowing underneath the enamel of the teeth.

Take-home teeth whitening kits are available through our office as well. These allow you to brighten your smile in the comfort of your own home and on your own schedule. Take-home kits can produce remarkable results on their own, but work particularly well in combination with in-office services as a maintenance option.

While impressive, topical teeth whitening is limited. Stains caused by tetracycline or fluoride will not respond to topical solutions. Dental bonding or porcelain veneers will be a better option if your stains are a result of fluorosis or medication.

Both porcelain veneers and dental bonding are applied to the outside of teeth. Veneers are customized shells placed over the front of teeth to cover issues as diverse as chips, crooked presentation, and small gaps. Dental veneers are also incredibly effective at covering extreme tooth discoloration.

Dental bonding is applied to the surface of teeth. It can be used to cover stains but is more often used to repair chips and cracks, reshape teeth, or fill in gaps. However, bonding can be a cost-effective and completely reversible alternative to veneers when appropriate.

We offer multiple options because every patient has unique needs. To learn which options will benefit you most, call NYC Smile Design at 212-452-3344 and schedule a consultation today.