Patient Deskside: Lynda

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Lynda's modeling career was not blossoming as she had hoped it would.  When Lynda came for a smile makeover consult she mentioned that in all her photos she barely smiled.  Needless to say she was quite fed up and wanted a drastic change.  Lynda had some bonding done previously that had darkened and her front teeth were sticking down and all her teeth had differing shapes and completely asymmetrical. Also, Lynda’s gum line was uneven which made her teeth look even more asymmetrical.

Lynda's treatment consisted of repositioning her teeth with orthodontic movement so they don't hang down on her smile.  Then Lynda's gums were recontoured with laser.  Finally, 12 laminates were placed on her upper teeth.  Lynda's treatment took longer than most smile makeovers due to the fact that her teeth had to initially be repositioned properly for a successful outcome.  Lynda was extremely ecstatic.

"I am so unbelievably happy; I never thought this was possible and it was worth the wait."