Floss and Have Sex For a Longer Healthier Life

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Most people intuitively know what can be done to increase their lifespan. These include eating more fruits and vegetables and a restful night of sleep.  However new studies have shown other secrets to a longer and healthier life.  A study published in the British medical journal has shown that sexual activity is associated with 50% reduction in deaths from heart attacks and can also lower blood pressure.  The study showed that about half the people ages 57-85 were sexually active and a 1/3 of them from 75-85.  The conclusion they reached by this study is “Frequency of sexual activity, a good qualitysex life, and interest in sex are positively associated withhealth in middle age and later life”

According to another study that was done at Emory University by the centers of disease control and prevention,  gum problems such as periodontitis and gingivitis which are inflammations and infections of the mouth will lead to 23-46% higher rate of death.  Unfortunately, only 5-10% of people floss on a regular basis.  At NYC Smile Design we always stress the importance of flossing daily.  Research from Michael Roizen, MD, author of the book Real Age, flossing ranks as high as exercise and quitting smoking in extending your lifespan. It can actually increase your lifespan by 6.4 years.

  1. Prevents tooth decay
  2. Keeps teeth bright
  3. Reduces inflammation (this low grade inflammation can increase risk of heart attacks and strokes
  4. Prevents bad breath

So before you decide to have sex tonight make sure you brush and floss your teeth before that life enhancing activity.