Are All the Ingredients in Toothpaste Safe?

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Most people never question the ingredients that are in the products they use on a daily basis.  That is especially true of toothpastes. Most people consider all toothpastes to be equally effective and safe. Is this true?  Let’s take one ingredient that is found in toothpastes and many other commercial products such as shampoos, hair conditioners, body wash and bubble bath products.

This common chemical is called Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS).  SLS is a harsh detergent which is used industrially as a degreaser and a foaming agent and was used as a garage floor cleaner. The reason it was placed in toothpastes is its ability to foam and aid in cleaning the teeth.  At NYC Smile Design we do not feel this ingredient is safe or necessary.

SLS has been shown to cause canker sores and dry the mouth.  In a clinical study it was shown patients with these sores showed a dramatic decrease in the number of canker sores after they used non SLS toothpaste.  It has also been proven that SLS can be cancer causing when applied directly to the skin or consumed.

At NYC Smile Design we question the necessity of this ingredient and recommend that consumers seek products that do not contain this.