Can Sleep Apnea by Cured?

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Woman sleeping on her side with CPAP, sleep apnea treatmentSleep apnea is prevalent. As many as 18 million Americans, one out of 15, have some form of the disorder.

The most common type of sleep apnea is obstructive (OSA), a condition caused by the collapse of the palate and soft tissue, and over-relaxation of the tongue. To treat this type of sleep apnea, airways must be cleared of obstruction – which is most often accomplished with a customized oral appliance. Another option is CPAP, though these devices are often more invasive than necessary for treating OSA.

There is no cure for sleep apnea. Treatment for the condition focuses on addressing its symptoms to help restore a restful night’s sleep. However, managing symptoms does not correct the underlying problem. Therefore, you may need continued therapy throughout your life.

Lifestyle Changes

Sleep apnea cannot be cured with an oral appliance or CPAP machine. There are, however, lifestyle changes that can help to reduce its symptoms and may even work to reverse the disorder. These include:

  • Weight Management. Healthy eating and exercise can help to reduce weight, a risk factor for OSA, and assist in reversing the disorder.
  • Substance Avoidance. Alcohol, tobacco, narcotics (including prescriptions), and illicit drugs (including marijuana) all contribute to OSA. Ceasing consumption can help to reverse the condition.
  • Sleep Position. Sleep apnea may be more common in people who sleep on their backs. Training yourself to sleep on your side may help.
  • Environmental Control. Using a humidifier, avoiding excessive dryness, and treating allergens can all help to reduce risks for sleep apnea.

In some cases, surgery may help reduce symptoms and reverse the disorder, but these changes may also be temporary without a commitment to healthy living. Even things like septoplasty and tonsillectomy can only do so much in cases where weight fluctuations, drug use, and poor environment are concerned.

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