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How Much will a Smile Makeover Cost in New York City?

How much your smile makeover costs at our Manhattan cosmetic dentistry office depends entirely on what procedures will need to be combined to achieve your goals. A smile makeover is not one procedure but rather a combination of procedures that have been customized to address every functional and cosmetic problem impacting your teeth and gums. During your initial consultation, one of our NYC cosmetic dentists will evaluate your smile, listen to your concerns, and develop a plan that focuses on all of your needs.

What’s the Best Way to Whiten Your Teeth?

Stained and discolored teeth can be a significant source of dissatisfaction with your smile. But what’s the best way to remove tooth stains and restore a brilliant and flawless shine? That depends entirely on the type of tooth stains you are dealing with and is something the experienced Manhattan cosmetic dentists at NYC Smile Design would be happy to help you determine during your one-on-one tooth whitening consultation.

Whitening Deep Stains

If your teeth are stained or discolored, call NYC cosmetic dentists Dr. Mello and Dr. Tabib at (212) 452-3344 to learn about your treatment optionsTopical stains – such as those caused by foods and beverages – typically respond very well to topical whiteners. Our New York City cosmetic dentists offer both in-office teeth whitening and take-home solutions, enabling you to maintain a bright and attractive appearance year-round.


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