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Crooked and painful; Cristina’s smile story.

When Cristina noticed how much she refrained from smiling on a daily basis - because her smile was not only crooked, but also literally painful for her - she knew it was time to get it fixed. 

A few caps or crowns here and there didn’t quite do the trick. She spent a long time searching for the right kind of dentist who could help her and her unique issue of an asymmetrical smile.

Great Smile Results

When Lynda came for a smile makeover consult at NYC Smile Design, she mentioned that in all her modeling photos she barely smiled. Top New York City cosmetic dentists, Dr. Tabib and Dr. Mello were able to give her the bright smile she had wanted through gumline recontouring, repositioning her uneven teeth, and placing porcelain laminates on them.

Up Close and Personal with Inna

Inna was a former competitive dancer, now seeking a career as a nutritionist. When she came to see us for a consult,Inna explained that she had never had a regular dentist because her dance career required such extensive travel. She would live from a few months to a year in different locations throughout the world and then move on, so her dental visits were few and far between -- and mostly for emergencies.

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