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MI Paste - Extra minerals for tooth health | NYC Smile DesignDid you know that your teeth need extra minerals that help protect them? Normally, your teeth get their minerals from your diet, which is why you are advised to eat foods that are rich in calcium and phosphate. However, without extra supplements, your teeth do not receive enough of the proper vitamins needed to maintain optimum oral health.

For the best oral care, you need to have a well-balanced supplement -which can make a very big difference to your teeth, and to the general health of your mouth. Otherwise, you will be prone to dental cavities.

MI Paste: Rejuvenating Vitamin for Your Teeth

MI Paste is a revolutionary product that promises to strengthen your enamel, prevent decays, and alleviated tooth sensitivity. This product also provides necessary vitamins that your teeth needs.

MI Paste is a topical cream applied twice daily after flossing and brushing. MI Paste provides you with the right balance of minerals to harden your tooth enamel, building an armor to protect it. 

MI Paste comes in multiple flavors at our Manhattan dentistry officeThe main ingredient in MI Paste is Recaldent, a milk-derived product that strengthens and re-mineralizes teeth. Recaldent helps condition, protect and rebuild your tooth surface leaving it healthier and stronger. The paste also provides calcium and phosphate ions which give your teeth vitamins too keep them strong. Furthermore, to prevent sensitivity or dry mouth, MI Paste serves as a base or buffer that helps produce saliva that maintains a normal acid-level environment.

MI Paste can be used for:

  • After tooth whitening
  • For pregnant women
  • For children 6 years and under
  • During and/or after orthodontics
  • For desensitizing
  • To provide extra protection for teeth

Choose from half a dozen varieties of MI PasteMI Paste is Ideal for:

  • Reversing tooth sensitivity and restoring enamel gloss after whitening procedures
  • Relieving dry mouth caused by certain medications
  • Reducing high oral acid levels from excessive soft drink consumption
  • Reversing tooth sensitivity before and after professional cleaning
  • Reducing high oral acid levels - sometimes a consequence of pregnancy
  • Buffering acids produced by bacteria and plaque
  • Regular conditioning during orthodontics, during and after bands or brackets have been removed, to prevent and reverse white spot lesions
  • Providing a topical coating for patients suffering from erosion, caries and conditions arising from xerostomia- commonly known as dry mouth.

How Can I Get MI Paste?

To purchase MI Paste, click Add to Cart below or stop by the office to pick up a tube today. International orders are not accepted.

Mi Paste

Size: 40g (35ml)
Price: $20 unit (plus S&H)
Flavor: Mint
MI Paste